What is a radiant heater?

Radiant heaters can heat your patio and outdoor areas using natural gas, propane or electricity.
They do not typically have a fan so they deliver heat quietly and are designed to keep people
and objects warm without losing heat to the surrounding air, much like natural sunshine.

Koolfog's radiant heaters mount conveniently onto walls, under awnings or on ceilings to
discreetly create the desired warming for your dining, entertainment or work areas. When using
radiant heating units, you are getting a low maintenance, cost effective heater that comes
backed with at least a one-year warranty. Radiant heaters are a great way for you to stylishly
prolong your outdoor seasons.

Enjoy healthy fresh air and enhance your outdoor living space with Infrared Radiant Heaters
from our Koolfog family of Radiant outdoor space heaters and cooling products.