What kinds of outdoor heaters do you sell?

Koolfog carries numerous products that allow you to utilize outdoor spaces to create a
comfortable temperate environment any time of year.

There are numerous outdoor space heaters for both residential and commercial needs. Such
products include electric heaters, natural gas heaters & propane heaters and are available as
mounted heaters, in-ground heaters, portable heaters or table top heaters. We also have
commercial quality outdoor heaters that are mountable on your structure for maximum

Many models feature the same quality benefits such as:
  • Completely self-contained and portable
  • Provides clean draft-free circle of warmth
  • 100% safety control

As with any outdoor spot heater, please look at specific safety and building codes prior to
installation of our mountable heaters. Most heaters must have proper variance clearance from
any flammable areas. In addition, please follow the manufacturer's installation and operation

Enjoy your outdoor living space with energy efficient electric outdoor space heaters from our
Koolfog family of energy efficient outdoor space heaters and cooling products.