Sports Arenas, Competition Swim Facilities and Soccer Fields

Sports fans, loyal team enthusiasts, athletes, and patient parents often must brave the cold to support their favorite team or child's outdoor activities.

Outdoor space heaters are portable, energy efficient, and cost effective solutions for professional as well as amateur use.

Outdoor heaters can be used under Sports Tents, in stadiums, on Soccer or Football fields.  Early morning swim meets benefit from warming chilled athletes who jump in and out of the pool.   Any sports franchise or organization can assist their athletes by warming them so that their muscles don't cramp due to cold weather.

Larger sports arenas and professional sports teams utilize both portable outdoor heaters and mountable ceiling heaters to warm up fans and athletes.

When a temporary event such as a Marathon takes place, moveable outdoor heaters, both small and large, are a perfect solution for all involved.

For more information about a specific application or outdoor heater product, please contact us or go to our idea center.  Use Koolfog's family of outdoor heaters and cooling products to enhance your outdoor environment.