Public Emergency Response Heating

We are proud to offer our Emergency Fire, Police, and First Response personnel with the finest in outdoor heating with Portable heaters, natural gas heaters, electric heaters, and propane heaters can be critical to care for Emergency personnel as well as crisis victims.

We can ship to your preparedness facility for storage or drop ship directly to a site where outdoor heating, spot heating, and comfort heating are required.

The Outdoor Heater Store and our Koolfog family of heating and cooling products are also used in Public "safety" areas such as community and evacuation centers in times of inclement weather and disaster relief.

Whether your emergency response team requires one or 5 dozen outdoor heaters, please ask for a special discount for your emergency support services organization.

For more information about a specific application or outdoor heater product, please contact us or go to our idea center.  Use Koolfog's family of outdoor heaters and cooling products to enhance your outdoor environment.