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For over 30 years Sunglo outdoor patio heaters have offered the quality and features customers have come to expect. Sunglo heaters work like the sun by utilizing radiant heat to warm people and objects without heating the surrounding air. The radiant heat quietly and efficiently provides outdoor warmth for you, your family and friends. There are four basic models of the Sunglo heaters to provide as much flexibility in patio design as possible. For an uncovered patio, the model PSA265 permanent is often the best choice. If the configuration of the patio activity varies, the model A242 offers the convenience and economy of a natural gas heater, but the flexibility of a portable heater. The suspended model A244 will heat the patio while leaving the floor free of obstruction. For a completely portable self-contained appliance, the model A270 propane heaters can be set up outside almost anywhere.

Sometimes time is the best teacher and test of all. At the Outdoor Heater Store, we believe that the elders in the group really do know what they’re talking about and can be just as innovative as the younger crowd, with a lot less rock music too! The Sunglo outdoor heater was the beginning of commercial design for outdoor heating and for over 30 years they’ve been rocking the outdoor arena with added innovations that we love to show off.

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Sunglo - Black Permanent Post NG Heater Sunglo -Permanent Natural Gas Heater PSA265V Sunglo - Stainless Steel Permanent Post NG Heater
List Price: $1,203.00
Our Price: $1,083.00
You save $120.00!
List Price: $1,376.00
Our Price: $1,238.00
You save $138.00!
List Price: $1,407.00
Our Price: $1,266.00
You save $141.00!
SUNGLO Black Permanent Post NG Heater Sunglo - Black Permanent Natural Gas Heater SUNGLO Stainless Steel Permanent Post NG Heater
Sunglo Black Permanent Post NG Heater
Sunglo - Permanent Natural Gas Heater
Sunglo Stainless Steel Permanent Post NG Heater
Sunglo - Portable Natural Gas Heater A242 - Available in Multiple Colors Sunglo -Permanent Natural Gas Heater w/ Auto Ignition PSA265V-E-Series Sunglo - Portable Gas Heater A270SS - Available in Multiple Colors
List Price: $1,427.00
Our Price: $1,284.00
You save $143.00!
List Price: $1,468.00
Our Price: $1,321.00
You save $147.00!
List Price: $1,580.00
Our Price: $1,422.00
You save $158.00!
Sunglo - Portable Natural Gas Heater Sunglo - Black Permament Natural Gas Heater Sunglo -Portable Gas Heater
Sunglo - Portable Natural Gas Heater
Sunglo -Permanent Natural Gas Heater w/ Auto Ignition
Portable Heater with Direct Spark Ignition
The Innovator
It started with a man, infrared heat and a demand from the local California crowd for some extra glow to stretch over into the evening hours. In 1961 Edwin J. Cowan applied his engineering passion to a patio heater and designed the first ever Sunglo outdoor patio heater. Since then, Sunglo has kept up with technology and innovation, refashioning their heaters to meet the ever dynamic patio heating demand of customers all over the world.

The secret Mr. Cowan began lays in the deep dish reflector that covers Sunglo patio heaters. The radiant heat that is created covers a 20 foot diameter area and distributed by the same process the sun uses to heat the earth. Each Sunglo outdoor heater is designed to stay lit, even in breezes, by a constant pilot. Originally created for country clubs, resorts, hotels and restaurants in California, Sunglo has furnished the outdoor patios of weddings, live production events and industrial garages all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

How Do They Heat?

Each Sunglo patio heater is designed for commercial applications. That means long hours of constant use under every stress the elements have to offer. All have corrosion resistant exteriors and can withstand coverless areas while still emitting the powerful infrared heat they create.

Forced air heating, a process that equips most space heaters, heats air, blows it with a fan hoping it will reach the general vicinity you’re in. Using forced air heaters outside is alike to throwing money down the drain. Low intensity infrared heaters use a burner box, an enclosed flame to ignite the natural or propane gases and tubing. The gases are ignited, move through the assembly where the tubing then emits the infrared heat. These rays, in the form of a light that is invisible to our eyes, project across your patio and heat objects like the floor, your chair and you, instantaneously.

Infrared heat doesn’t blow dust around, so your environment is clean and since it uses fuel sources that are naturally lower in carbon, you don’t have to worry about carbon emissions filling your outdoor setting.

What We Supply
Our confidence and respect for Sunglo resides in each outdoor patio heater we supply. Sunglo heaters, the first and the original, are thoughtfully designed and constructed here in the U.S.A. America has built this country on pride in production and impeccable attention to detail. Each Sunglo gas heater is thoughtfully designed and manufactured with this mantra in mind. These heaters will stand up against heavy use and heavy stress, fixed far above the knock-off market riddled with inferior components and cheaper alternatives. 

There are three main models Sunglo has created and we’ve chosen to provide each one to help you create your perfect outdoor setting.
For the uncovered outdoor area with little variance in patio settings, the permanent PSA252 model merits consideration. This model emits 50,000 BTU’s per hour and comes equipped with a 24 volt spark ignition to automatically relight if blown out. An additional 100% safety shut off means you never have to worry.

A242 pairs economy and convenience beautifully; it is powered by natural gas but has the portability of a commercial heater. This model measure out at 50,000 BTU’s an hour and comes equipped with a battery operated direct spark igniter, one AA battery will light your new Sunglo heater 100 times.

Model A270 is a totally self contained and can be effortlessly installed anywhere. A decorative cover surrounds a 5 gallon propane tank that can last for 8 to 10 hours and emit a 15-20 foot diameter of warming light rays.

Here at the Outdoor Heater Store, we feel the original innovators of the outdoor patio heater merit respect and their heaters deserve careful consideration, especially in a commercial setting. Sunglo’s line of outdoor heaters has successfully helped capture the perfect outdoor patio setting for many years and we know how important that kind of experience is to you. It’s because of this that we provide you with the brand name appeal that started it all.